# 1 Be Grateful For Yourself

#1 Be Grateful For Yourself

Today the blog officially starts and I were thinking that why not tell you the most important thing to be grateful for in the world!

What is so great about you?

Well here it comes the reason you have to be grateful for yourself:

  1. You can create anything you want.
  2. You can make someone happy.
  3. You are a remarkable creation.
  4. You can give knowledge, time or help to others.
  5. You have a brain that is made so incredible that you don`t need your eyes to “see”. You brain sees itself.
  6. You have beautiful eyes.
  7. You have a body that are beautiful and are truly a remarkable creation in this universe.
  8. You can choose your own thoughts.
  9. You can heal yourself in most cases.
  10. You can repair your body any time and get a makeover!
  11. You can love someone or share love.
  12. You have the power to create machines that can land and travel on planets in our solar system!
  13. You have over 1 Trillion Cells in your body.
  14. You have feet that you can run jump and feel hot sand or cold snow with.

There are so many things that are amazing about you just think about what not only you, but the billions of you`s out there in the world. We usually don`t really look alike. We have different names, different up bringing, different eye, hear and skin colors. We are born at different places, with different beliefs, with different habits, different facial hear, different ears and different body types. We are so incredible that I am amazed every second one of you walk by me and I can see the different people out there.

  • You can change the world.
  • You can hold something with your hands.
  • You are born with a purpose on this planet to become your very best.
  • You are a friend of someone, a son, a daughter, a mom, a dad, a spouse, a fiancè, a lover, a best friend, a grandfather, grand mother, some are even a great grandparent. You are a cousin, a uncle, a aunt, a competitor, a inspiration, a mentor, a powerful being, a pastor, a mechanic, a railroad worker, a policeman or women. You are everything and you are one with all of the you`s out there.
  • You are a champion in the making.
  • You have a survival instinct that makes you incredible.
  • You are someone you can smile and give other a smile.
  • You are always sharing from yourself.
  • You are thankful and grateful .
  • You can give to someone.

So to end it all:

You are a friend and you are such a creation that you can think every thing that is or will be into reality.

You are the actor or actress, the cameraman or woman and the director of your own movie. I want you to be grateful for what you got and will receive in the future and make sure it will be an Oscar for remember whoever you are you are a incredible human being and I am so grateful for that you are walking on this planet together with me!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to celebrate you and all the other you`s all over the world!

It is time for you to be grateful for being here and reading this BLOG!!!!

So I think what you are thinking now is I love myself 🙂 I bet you do because you have to just look at the above! YOU are amazing and Your YOUNIVERSE is where you live 🙂

My question to you is! What is amazing and what are YOU grateful for about yourself?? Comment on the Blog I would love to hear and hope thousands can share 🙂

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

I am grateful for You!


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