# 3 Be Grateful for The Sun

# 3 The Sun

I am so grateful for that we have a sun in our solar system. You know why. Because If we did`nt we would not be here. We would`nt survive here on this planet. The Sun is what gives us life and It is what gives us something to be grateful for every day.

The sun is a amazing creation in our solar system it warms us up gives us energy and keeps us from being dead.

What to be grateful for:

  • The sun gives you UVA and UVB.
  • The sun warms you up when you feel cold.
  • It is powerful.
  • It can make you feel great a day when it has been raining for days.
  • The sun can be unbelievable beautiful with vivid colors.
  • You get the spirituality from The Sunrise and Sunset.
  • The sun makes all the life and plants on earth possible.
  • For the renewable energy that the sun power.
  • For solar flares.
  • For giving us Northern lights.

  • For keeping the rainforest’s alive.
  • For giving us the desert`s.
  • The tan the sun rays give you.
  • The first warm sun after a long cold winter.
  • The warm sun during a vacation in the mountains.
  • For the beauty you have.
  • For the people sending satellites so we can understand our most precious and abundant commodity.
  • The wedding I had and the sun shining on us that day.
  • For the warmth of the sun after a cooling bath.

The sun has more than a million degrees Celsius. It has the power to burn anything that gets to close in seconds.

The Sun is an awesome creation:

The sun is made out of different gases. Here is a variety of them 🙂

Photospheric composition (by mass)
Hydrogen 73.46%[9]
Helium 24.85%
Oxygen 0.77%
Carbon 0.29%
Iron 0.16%
Sulfur 0.12%
Neon 0.12%
Nitrogen 0.09%
Silicon 0.07%
Magnesium 0.05%

It is a quite interesting structure far away from being like the earth, but yet it is essential for all the life on our little blue planet.

I completely love the sun:

The sun is what makes me wake up every morning seeing that beautiful ball of fire on the the horizon that are so warm that it can warm my soul up when I see it even during winter time. The sun is the heart of the earth it beats every day to make the life(blood) of the earth to flow in abundance!

So go out today and take a look at the wonderful sun if you have clear skies. Tell the Sun how grateful you are for the beautiful sun rays sent to you for 8 seconds ago from the Sun. The Sun is a divine creation and we have to be thankful for it for letting us thrive on this planet and be what we are!


John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

Love the infinity of The Burning Sun!


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