# 4 Be Grateful for Every Single Day

# 4 Every Single Day

I got to think about when I woke up today about how lucky I were to receive this day. You should to. Think about how easy it is to be swept  away from this planet from death. We have to be really grateful for every day we receive! Think about how lucky we are to be here and enjoy all the great features of life.

What is so awesome about every single day?

Well here is some reasons to be grateful when you get a new day on this planet:

  • You can breath today.
  • That the day have 24 hours.
  • The nights.
  • The days.
  • The milliseconds.
  • The seconds.
  • The minutes.
  • The ability to get to meet a friend that day. You would`nt be able to do it if you were not here on earth.
  • All the things you can do throughout a day.
  • The ability to live through a day.
  • When you wake up you have a completely fresh and new start of your life.
  • Every day is amazing and will give you every thing you choose to experience.

Think about a day as 24 hours of interactions with people, emotions, attitudes, close to death experiences and incredible moments and experiences.

What can happen during a day:

  1. Be grateful for all the invention that someone made one day that changed your life.
  2. Someone you love will leave this earth.
  3. You can have a incredible experience.
  4. Your life can completely change in a new direction.
  5. You can meet the love of your life.
  6. You can get a new family member.
  7. You can have your birthday.
  8. You can win something.
  9. You can lose something.
  10. You can learn something that will change your beliefs.
  11. Yo can miss someone.
  12. Someone you miss will come and visit you or you them.
  13. You will get your first house.
  14. You can buy that car that you always wanted.

So think of that and how much amazing would happen in the now. Live in the now and never in the future or the past!

Gratitude for every day will change the way you feel every day:

Gratitude for that you have received this day will change the way you think and perceive every day. You will develop excitement to wake up and are truly happy about what the day can hold for you!

So lets go out there and be grateful for every single day we receive in life!

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future.  I live now.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have a incredible day!!

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

Live today with gratitude!

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