# 5 Be Grateful for Your Family

# 5 Your Family

Having a family is truly amazing to have. They can help you through tough periods of your life and cheer you up when you need it the most. I have come to really miss the part of me and my wifes family in Norway. I have all my family who I grew up with there and have`nt been able to see them for over 1,5 years now.

Just to give you a thought! What if your family were not there for you or gone?

Why do we need to be grateful for our families?

  • They can help us if we are in problems.
  • They are a lot easier to go to instead of that banks if you need money for something.
  • They love you.
  • They are the reason why you are here.
  • They make you laugh or cry.
  • You have shared life experiences with them.
  • They can be someone to talk to in hard times.
  • They are awesome.
  • They are best friends!
  • They love to hang out with you.
  • They care about you.
  • They give you a hug when you see them!
  • They give you kisses, hugs and love.
  • They like to hang out with you.
  • You have a strong connection with them.
  • They always think about you.
  • They miss you and you miss them when they are not around.
  • When you get married they will give you a helping hand in the start of your new life.
  • They celebrate your birthdays.
  • You can share a good glass of whine with them.
  • Or beer with the guys 🙂
  • They will always help out if you need any help.
  • They will volunteer for you.
  • They will cheer you on when you choose to do something.
  • They can be your business partners.

Your family are simply awesome. I know that mine are! I love to hang out with a lot of them doing some of the things I love. Golfing, drinking beer or just watching a football game on TV.

The greatest thing about your family is that you grow up with them and get to know them on a very deep level. A deep and great connection it will be hard to create with anyone else.

You have family, but don`t like them!?

Why would you ever not like your family. They care about you and love you. Well you can interpret something else, but usually in 95% of the cases they might did something you did`nt like, but did it out of love and misunderstanding you. Remember everyone is different!

Think about people that have lost all their family in some way, death, killed, illness or other things. Think of those people who end up on a old folks home and their family never visit them. You need to be grateful for having them as a part of your life. Just be grateful and you will create better relationships with them instant.


See when you give love to someone in any kind of way you are destined to create a better relationship with them. Visit your family and keep in contact with as many of them as you can. They are always great to have as a part of your life and might result in a lot of caring people if you ever got sick and when you have to go to a old folks home. Take care of your loved ones!

Love your family and They will love you!

So give your family attention and love them and create wonderful relationships with them!

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

Love family and get their warm care and love back!


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