#9 Be Grateful for Golf

#9 Golf

Golf is a amazing way to do business, meet and enjoy a long walk with great friends and meet great people. The game of golf has a lot of great rules and also teaches us a lot about things like to behave properly around other people and to be nice to each other.

Golf makes us relax and enjoy the nature around us. Golfing is a phenomena that are big in NA. Golf is a game of accuracy and cm`s. It is a love or a hate game.

What is there to be grateful for about golf?

  • That you get work out when you walk the course.
  • That you can meet new friends.
  • You can conduct business with other business people.
  • You get lots of time to chat and be social.
  • It is fun to play.
  • You get to see some beautiful nature.
  • You get, excitement and unforgettable moments.
  • Just one shot can change the whole game.
  • Everyone can play it.
  • You can enjoy beer with your best friends.
  • All the social things after golf in the club house.
  • You get to meet random people and get to know them if you go alone.
  • It has created beautiful nature and landscapes.
  • Everyone can compete on a equal level.
  • Golf is always entertaining either good or bad.
  • There is always that one shot that you will remember forever.
  • You can have amazing moments with your spouse, partner or boy or girlfriend.
  • You can play golf everywhere you go.
  • Golf can give people who really have problems being athletic become great athletes.
  • You can see a lot of animals and wild life.
  • Golf is hilarious.
  • You will laugh playing golf.

Golf is a amazingly fun game to play and some of the greatest experiences I have had have happened on the golf course. Golf is a enjoyable game and old and young can play together and compete on a fair level 🙂


Main article: History of golf

The origin of golf is unclear and open to debate. Some historians[3] trace the sport back to the Roman game ofpaganica, in which participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball. One theory asserts that paganica spread throughout Europe as the Romans conquered most of the continent, during the first century B.C., and eventually evolved into the modern game.[4] Others cite chuiwan (“chui” means striking and “wan” means small ball) as the progenitor, a Chinese game played between the eighth and 14th centuries.[5] A Ming Dynasty scroll dating back to 1368 entitled “The Autumn Banquet”, shows a member of the Chinese Imperial court swinging what appears to be a golf club at a small ball with the aim of sinking it into a hole. The game is thought to have been introduced into Europe during the Middle Ages. Another early game that resembled modern golf was known as cambuca in England and chambot in France.[6] This game was, in turn, exported to the Low Countries, Germany, and England (where it was called pall-mall, pronounced “pell mell”). Some observers, however, believe that golf descended from the Persian game, chaugán. In addition, kolven(a game involving a ball and curved bats) was played annually in Loenen, Netherlands, beginning in 1297, to commemorate the capture of the assassin of Floris V, a year earlier.

The modern game originated in Scotland, where the first written record of golf is James II‘s banning of the game in 1457, as an unwelcome distraction to learning archery.[7]

Enjoy the game of golf to the fullest and you will have a very relaxing and extraordinary experience. It is feeling spirituality.

Go out and learn the game of golf and share it with every one you know!

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

Golf is a way of living life!

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