#18 Be Grateful for Your Spouse or Partner

#18 Your Spouse or Partner

First some words to our fellow human beings suffering in Japan. We send you millions of positive thoughts!

I was thinking today, well every day how great my spouse is, she has dedicated her whole life to make me a happy man and gives me love like I have never been loved before. She is amazing just the way she is.

Having someone to share your life with is truly amazing. It makes the life fun and by being able to share life with someone I think it is the greatest thing in the whole world. If you have a partner or even a boy or a girl friend you know that the possibility to share your life with them is a lot of fun and enjoyment.

So why should we all be grateful for our Spouses, partners and boy- girlfriends?

  • The love they give us.
  • That they are our best friend.
  • That you can love them.
  • The smile they give you when you give them a hug, a present or a smile.
  • The warm kisses they give you.
  • The way they smell.
  • The way they get excited when they see you when you have been gone for a while.
  • The hugs they give us.
  • The card they write to you.
  • Their humor.

  • Their laughter.
  • The way they look at you and admire you.
  • The way they treat you when you are sick.
  • The cuddling.
  • The way they love you unconditionally.
  • The kids you have together.
  • The way they like to make fun of you.
  • Their body.
  • The way they want to beat you in everything you do.
  • The way they brag about you to their friends and co-workers.
  • Their hair.
  • Their hands.
  • The money they make.
  • Their beautiful eyes.
  • The food they make.
  • The experiences you share with them.
  • The food you eat together.
  • The wine you share.
  • The house you bought together.
  • The way they talk.
  • The poems they write to you.
  • The pranks they pull on you.
  • The times they scare you.
  • The times they tell that they love you.
  • When they cry when they hear you tell them great things about them.
  • The massage they give you.
  • The time you share together watching a sunrise or a sunset.
  • The positive thoughts they send you when you feel things is a little hard.
  • The way they hurry home because they look forward to see you.
  • The flowers they pick to give you at summer time.
  • The sex you have.
  • The hobbies you share.
  • The passion that they have.
  • Their drive.
  • Their goals and dreams.

Your Spouse and partner they love you unconditionally and will love you forever if you love them and give them 100% without wanting anything back. When you do that they will be magical in every thing that they do back to you. They will express their pure love and passion for you. They will see you every day as their best friend lover and the coolest person in the world. They think you are beautiful in your eyes and they miss you when you are gone. Give all that you have to give from your heart and they will be the happiest person on this planet. They will admire you and you will admire them. You will share courage and goals with them and become a strong team that nothing can beat. Even not the obstacles of financial trouble, death or a disaster. You both will stand tall after the dust settles. Give and you will receive!

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” –Thomas Carlyle

John Thore Stub Sneisen (c)

“Give 100% of yourself and never want anything back” -Unknown


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