#19 Be Grateful for Peace

#19 Peace

Peace is a wonderful thing. I will touch on to the two most important things to have peace. What is really Peace? Peace is quietness, it is relaxation, it is no war and it is peace in your mind or happiness as you can also call it.

I believe that peace is something we need to build up inside of us and share with anyone. There are too much war and focus on the non peace-fullness surrounding us everywhere these days.

Acknowledge of others thoughts and behaviors:

What can you personally do to help the world become a more peaceful place? I have some answers right here. It is called the 4 agreements. They will make you a powerful human:

  • Never take anything anyone say personally. It is their thoughts and behaviors.
  • Always do your very best. Always give it your best and nothing less.
  • Be impeccable with your word. Always speak the truth never try to put in a little white lie every now and then!
  • Don’t make assumptions. Never prejudge people before you get to know them. That might be the biggest problem for humanity today.

So take action upon it:

Take action upon whatever you learn. By sharing knowledge you will create a peaceful world around you. The more knowledge people get the more powerful. The worst thing I could ever see is someone not sharing what they have learned.

Share everything you learn today with someone tomorrow. You become a person of influence and integrity. We need people like you because together we will change the world 🙂

Why should we be grateful for living in a peaceful environment?

  • It gives you a life of choice.
  • It gives you happiness.
  • It gives you the power to change.
  • You never have to live in fear of death.
  • Your home becomes a place of bliss and gratitude.
  • You will never make enemies.
  • You will attract more peacefulness.
  • You meet peaceful people.
  • You never have to be worried about being robbed, shot or raped.
  • You will develop a great and fun life.
  • Peace gives you love.
  • Peace develops a passion in you.
  • You can be your very best without limits.
  • Peace could change the world.
  • It will make everyone friends.
  • It helps us work with others.
  • Peace is amazing.

  • That you wake up and never have to worry that you could be killed.
  • You would not have to fight for your rights.
  • It gives you a strong life that can touch millions of others.
  • Peace will give people in any religion and ethnicity the power of sharing and working together collectively.
  • Peace makes you strong.
  • Peace makes you relax.
  • Peace makes people the opportunity them self.
  • Peace will change the way we think.
  • Peace is meant to take over the world.
  • Peace will make us creative.
  • Peace will help us to give more.
  • Peace will make you in harmony with life.
  • Peace can change humanity.
  • Peace is there for us to use it.
  • Peace will give you happiness.
  • Peace will keep your family together.
  • Peace gives you the ability not to live in fear.
  • Peace let you be able to express yourself.
  • Peace makes you not have to worry about getting killed, raped and starving.

If the world had peace for one day what would happen?

  1. No wars.
  2. No hurt.
  3. No fear.
  4. No fighting.
  5. No killing.
  6. No hate.
  7. No misunderstandings.
  8. No suppressed women or ethnic groups.
  9. No guilt.
  10. No bad thoughts.

    Let us change the world one peaceful thought at a time!!

    Take action and share your knowledge of feeling happy and peaceful. People think it is a hippie Make love not war statement, but it is not!!!!

    Peace is easy to acquire if you live by the 4 agreements! They are simple and make you live a life of love and happiness.

    Life can be full of happiness and peace you can choose it. Will you do so?

    “A smile is the beginning of peace.” -Mother Teresa

    John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

    Lets change the world one peaceful thought at a time.


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