#28 Be Grateful for Charities

#28 Charities

Charities are a amazing way to give from your knowledge, time and money and become passionate about helping people that are less fortunate than us. We all have in some form been participating in a Charity. Either we have been giving or even been so lucky to receive something from a Charity.

I think Charities is a important cornerstone in todays society. We can all participate in one and as I said almost any person in the world have in some form been participating in one either by giving or receiving.

I love Charities it helps us contribute with our time or money in Giving to others. The saying is what you give you will receive back in tenfolds.

I think it is important to at least give once a month either by money to your Church, give your time at the local soup kitchen or going into schools to teach entrepreneurial-ism to kids.

What is it about Charities that we should be grateful for?

  • You can give to them.
  • They change life’s.
  • They change communities.
  • They give to others.
  • They educate people.
  • They are created by peoples passion.
  • They make people feel great.
  • They bring love to those who has not felt love.
  • They bring people to their true potential.
  • They make people dedicate their life’s.
  • They give love to kids.

  • They help poor people.
  • They help people from starving to death.
  • They help kids that don’t have any parents to get the love of having them.
  • They make us humble.
  • They make you give time of your life to help others.
  • They make us have fun.
  • They help sick people get joy.
  • They leave life’s changed forever.
  • They help us see the world with other eyes.
  • They make us believe.
  • They bring out the best of people.
  • It gives those who want something bad that will not get it to get something they want.

Charities are simply amazing and they have changed millions of life’s saved millions and educated millions to make a better world. They change the faith of communities help us grow to another level and help each other for hundreds of years.

Here is a quick history on how Charities came to be. This info can also be found on Wikipedia:


See also: Alms

A Hindu Woman Giving Alms, painting by Raja Ravi Varma

Charitable giving is the act of giving money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or other worthy cause. Charitable giving as a religious act or duty is referred to as almsgiving or alms. The name stems from the most obvious expression of the virtue of charity is giving the objects of it the means they need to survive.

The poor, particularly widows and orphans, and the sick and disabled, are generally regarded as the proper objects of charity. Some groups regard charity as being properly directed toward other members of their group. Although giving to those nearly connected to oneself is sometimes called charity—as in the saying “Charity begins at home” — normally charity denotes giving to those not related, with filial piety and like terms for supporting one’s family and friends. Indeed, treating those related to the giver as if they were strangers in need of charity has led to the figure of speech “as cold as charity” — providing for one’s relatives as if they were strangers, without affection.

Most forms of charity are concerned with providing food, water, clothing, and shelter, and tending the ill, but other actions may be performed as charity: visiting the imprisoned or the homebound, dowries for poor women, ransoming captives, educating orphans. Donations to causes that benefit the unfortunate indirectly, such as donations to fund cancer research, are also charity.

Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic order dedicated to caring for the poor

The recipient of charity may offer to pray for the benefactor; indeed, in medieval Europe, it was customary to feast the poor at the funeral in return for their prayers for the deceased. Institutions may commemorate benefactors by displaying their names, up to naming buildings or even the institution itself after the benefactors. If the recipient makes material return of more than a token value, the transaction is normally not called charity.

Originally charity entailed the benefactor directly giving the goods to the receiver. People who could not support themselves—or who feigned such inability—would become beggars.

Institutions evolved to carry out the labor of assisting the poor, and these institutions are called charities. These include orphanagesfood banks,religious orders dedicated to care of the poor, hospitals, organizations that visit the homebound and imprisoned, and many others. Such institutions allow those whose time or inclination does not lend themselves to directly care for the poor to enable others to do so, both by providing money for the work and supporting them while they do the work. Institutions can also attempt to more effectively sort out the actually needy from those who fraudulently claim charity. Early Christians particularly recommended the care of the unfortunate to the charge of the local bishop.

In Islam this is called Zakat, and is one of the five pillars upon which the Muslim religion is based.

There have been examinations of who gives more to charity. One study conducted in the United States found that as a percentage of income, charitable giving increased as income decreased. The poorest fifth of Americans, for example, gave away 4.3% of their income, while the wealthiest fifth gave away 2.1%. In absolute terms, this was an average of $453 on an average income of $10,531, compared to $3,326 on an income of $158,388.[2]

Today charity has evolved into a much more modern concept and there many people choose to donate to charities online through websites such as Xperedon or Just Giving.

Why not charge everyone 16% taxes and then use 1/3 of that to Charity?

It would be going back to how it was done in the old days so why not?

I would say at least give 10% of your annual income to Charity. I think they should include that into the Taxes you pay and you could choose what Charity you could contribute to.

Give that a thought!!!

Search for 4th Sector and you will learn how Profitable giving works!

“He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” -Confucius

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

Give to others and you will receive back in tenfolds!


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