#35 Be Grateful for The Knowledge You Have

#35 The Knowledge You Have

Hello everyone! I am so excited about all the great things happening and all the great people I have met lately. I am grateful for all the exciting people that I can build great relationship with.

I wanted to touch upon something that I find very important in what is called The Information age. It is the knowledge that we gather through our life experiences, meeting new people, events in our life and reading books, magazines and listening to audio recordings.

Knowledge come in so many forms that we tend to forget the importance and how we gain knowledge throughout anything that happen to us.

Why do we need to be grateful for the knowledge we have?

  • Knowledge gives us trust.
  • Knowledge gives us belief.
  • It gives us love for life.
  • It excites us.
  • It gives us insights and helps us become experts in a field.
  • It helps you overcome problems.
  • It shows the road for people following you.
  • It helps you disconnect emotions when you invest.
  • It makes you confident.
  • It helps for people listening to you.
  • It can change peoples life.

  • It makes you open to new concepts.
  • It helps you help other people.
  • It makes others love you.
  • It is the basics of any successful person.
  • It lets history not repeat itself.

Knowledge is definitely power. Without it humanity will never have become what it is today. Humans is on a constant quest to find new knowledge about everything that surrounds us. We defined gravity, send people to the moon, satelites that are at the end of our solar system, vehicles that drive millions of kilometers away from our planet where we never have set our foot on.

We have made super computers going from being as big as a football field to  be able to put them into being millions of times more powerful in a little processor chip that are getting closer and closer to being as smart as our own brains. We know more about our brain and can see our own thoughts on a computer.

Knowledge is fun if you get it. You see the world and circumstances around you in a different way. It is fun and when you get into the habit of wanting to know more a habit of getting to know as much as you can about life.

So how about going out and chase as much knowledge as you can before you die! Think about if everyone will do that how the world will be amazingly different and exciting every day. People wouldn’t have to do the same mistakes over and over again!

How do you see knowledge? Is it important or do you think to learn new things is for others to do. Think about it! If your brain stop learning it stagnates and dies slowly. Always keep on top of your game! Never stop learning become hungry for learning and love the excitement of all the things happening and unfold around us. Ask questions! And become curious about things in life!

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein 

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)



2 responses to “#35 Be Grateful for The Knowledge You Have

  1. Hello.Thanks for this blog Advice it helps me better to Understand how Important knowledge is., I’am poor kid with a poor brain, slow thinker, no confidence, always got mistake. and always think negative.,funny but it is true.., Now I want to leave all that negative Attitude and Poor brain.

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