#39 Be Grateful for Colours

#39 Colours

I were thinking to myself today what if I were blind. What if I could never see again? We are quite lucky to be able to see all the beautiful things around us 🙂 My favorite color is blue. Everything that is blue is fun to watch, it is such a vibrant color! What is your favorite color? Think about that and then think about how it would be without that color?

Imagine a world in darkness without any colors just complete darkness or even a world in Black and White. Colors are vibrant and express love, hate, kindness, excitement and happiness. And then you have blue for water, white for snow, green for grass, red for rose and yellow for sun. Colors mean something to us.

So why should all of us be grateful for colors?

  • They motivate.
  • They encourage you.
  • They inspire you.
  • They are blue.
  • They are white.
  • They are green.
  • They are yellow.
  • They are purple.
  • They are trees.
  • They are different wave lengths.
  • They show love.
  • They provide evidence.
  • They create history.
  • They are everything.
  • They are countries.
  • They are our planet.
  • They make us laugh.
  • They describe.
  • They are animals.
  • They are brown.

  • They are our houses.
  • They express our feelings.
  • They are hair.
  • They are our body.
  • They are the stars in the night sky.
  • They are eyes.
  • They are our cars.
  • They are amazing.
  • That we can see them.
  • They are vibrant.
  • They express our culture.
  • They show our beliefs.
  • We can create them.
  • They are the most beautiful pictures in the world.
  • They are our family and friends.
  • They are our kids toys.
  • They are the first thing we see after we were born.
  • They are beautiful architectural.
  • They are the nature around us.
  • They are the roads we drive on.
  • They are gold and silver.

  • They are life.
  • They are our dreams.
  • They are the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning.
  • They are gifts to people.
  • They are politics.
  • They are vision boards for our dreams and goals.
  • They are the sky.
  • The stars.
  • The water.
  • The mountains.
  • The forests.
  • The sun.
  • The universe.
  • They are love.
Think about how the world would be black and white. What would that mean for you today if you knew that everything had colors. We are so lucky to have all the vibrant colors around us in our life.

What is colors?

Electromagnetic radiation is characterized by its wavelength (orfrequency) and its intensity. When the wavelength is within the visible spectrum (the range of wavelengths humans can perceive, approximately from 390 nm to 750 nm), it is known as “visible light”.

Most light sources emit light at many different wavelengths; a source’s spectrumis a distribution giving its intensity at each wavelength. Although the spectrum of light arriving at the eye from a given direction determines the color sensation in that direction, there are many more possible spectral combinations than color sensations. In fact, one may formally define a color as a class of spectra that give rise to the same color sensation, although such classes would vary widely among different species, and to a lesser extent among individuals within the same species. In each such class the members are called metamers of the color in question.

The colors of the visible light spectrum[1]
color wavelength interval frequency interval
red ~ 700–635 nm ~ 430–480 THz
orange ~ 635–590 nm ~ 480–510 THz
yellow ~ 590–560 nm ~ 510–540 THz
green ~ 560–490 nm ~ 540–610 THz
blue ~ 490–450 nm ~ 610–670 THz
violet ~ 450–400 nm ~ 670–750 THz

Spectral colors

The familiar colors of the rainbow in thespectrum – named using the Latin word forappearance or apparition by Isaac Newtonin 1671 – include all those colors that can be produced by visible light of a single wavelength only, the pure spectral ormonochromatic colors. The table at right shows approximate frequencies (in terahertz) and wavelengths (in nanometers) for various pure spectral colors. The wavelengths are measured in air or vacuum (see refraction).

The color table should not be interpreted as a definitive list – the pure spectral colors form a continuous spectrum, and how it is divided into distinct colors linguistically is a matter of culture and historical contingency (although people everywhere have been shown to perceive colors in the same way[2]). A common list identifies six main bands: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Newton’s conception included a seventh color, indigo, between blue and violet. Optical scientists Hardy and Perrin list indigo as between 446 and 464 nm wavelength.[3]


Color, wavelength, frequency and energy of light
Color \lambda \,\!(nm) \nu \,\!(THz) \nu_b \,\!(μm−1) E \,\!(eV) E \,\!(kJ mol−1)
Infrared >1000 <300 <1.00 <1.24 <120
Red 700 428 1.43 1.77 171
Orange 620 484 1.61 2.00 193
Yellow 580 517 1.72 2.14 206
Green 530 566 1.89 2.34 226
Blue 470 638 2.13 2.64 254
Violet 420 714 2.38 2.95 285
Near ultraviolet 300 1000 3.33 4.15 400
Far ultraviolet <200 >1500 >5.00 >6.20 >598

The intensity of a spectral color, relative to the context in which it is viewed, may alter its perception considerably; for example, a low-intensity orange-yellow is brown, and a low-intensity yellow-green is olive-green.

Go out and express your true colors!

What is your favorite color? Think of the world in black and white. I love that we are able to see colors. I suggest you go out there and collect and create as many colors as you can!  Create yourself a dream board that expresses the colors of your dream.

Color code  your life. It will be very helpful. Colors are so amazing that I think they are the greatest thing ever created in this amazing universe you and me live in.

Live a color abundant life and express yourself through all the amazing colors that we have available. Colors are both life and death embrace them with every single vibration you have.

Be a colorful person who brings abundant colors and share them with thousands of people all over the world!

“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

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