#44 Be Grateful for Discovery Channel

#44 Discovery Channel

What a fantastic day it has been today. Lots of great people to meet and some familiar faces to see at the Manitoba Business Awards tonight. For those of you that might thought that Manitoba is a needle in the haystack you are wrong. Lots of innovation and creation happening here in the Center of North America.

I got to think today about innovation, knowledge and success when I saw these successful people come across the stage tonight I came to think about how Discovery Channel really have helped me actually watch some TV that is useful.

In todays world when people just look at a TV to have time go by so they can go to bed. Why not use that time to learn something new and experience that knowledge change your thinking and sometimes even your habits.

Discovery Channel and Discovery Science is definately my favorite TV channels 🙂

So now why should we be grateful for the Discovery Channels?

  • They are educative.
  • They build knowledge.
  • They give you insights in unique things.
  • They show innovation at it’s best.
  • They make us understand how the world works.
  • They are fun and entertaining to watch.
  • They make you discover new things in life that you never knew from before.
  • They show how things are made.
  • They give us inside in science.
  • We get to discover the universe.
  • Explore the Seas.
  • Discover hidden treasures and just sit at home.
  • Learn about new places.
  • Learn about how we as humans work.
  • We get to understand our own bodies.

  • See engineering master pieces
  • Understand how our solar system works.
  • Discover fun things.
  • You get to climb the tallest mountains.
  • Hear incredible stories about human courage and perseverance 🙂
  • Get to meet passionate people.
  • You get to see the world in different ways.
  • They open your minds 🙂
  • It is helpful.
  • It teaches you things that is about how it is today 🙂
  • It wow’s you!
  • It shows you what you have never seen before.
  • It experiments.
  • It gives people ideas.

I must say that Discovery Channel is the only why I turn on my TV. Instead of the negative News out there I get to see some inspiring stories and explode my mind and challenge my habits and thinking patterns. If you want to grow your consciousness and expand your knowledge on daily bases turn on the DSC 🙂

Isn’t it cool that there are something on TV that can really give your mind some food some real thoughs and give you something to think and contemplate about 🙂

Just watching Discover Channel gets me fired up to learn more, be more and do more 🙂 I want to get out there and create new ways of thinking, new ideas that can change the world we live in forever.

A little history that you might did not know about Discovery Channel:


On June 17, 1985, Discovery Channel was launched with $5 million in start-up capital from the BBC, the American investment firm Allen & Company, Venture America and several other investors. In the beginning it was available to 156,000 households and would broadcast for 12 hours between 3 p.m. and 3 a.m. with about 75 percent of the content new to American viewers.[3] John Hendricks is credited with founding of the channel and its parent company, then known as Cable Educational Network Inc, in 1982.[4]

In its early years, the channel broadcast some Soviet programming, including the news program Vremya.[5] In 1988, the channel premiered the nightly program World Monitor, produced by the Christian Science Monitor. 1988 also saw the very first Shark Week, which has since returned annually. Within five years, the channel’s reach had extended to over 50 million households.

On January 4, 2006, Discovery Communications announced that Ted Koppel, longtime Executive Producer Tom Bettag, and eight former Nightline staff members were joining the Discovery Channel.

The network’s ratings improved in 2006[6] after a drop widely attributed to an over-reliance on a few hit series such asMonster Garage and American Chopper. Some critics said such series strayed from Discovery’s mold of helping viewers learn about the world around them. Beginning in 2005, Discovery revamped its lineup to focus more closely on its traditional themes of popular science, history, and geography.[7] The network garnered a total of seven primetimeEmmy award nominations in 2006 for shows including The Flight that Fought Back (about United Airlines Flight 93) andDeadliest Catch.

In 2007, Discovery Channel’s top series include Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, the Emmy-award winning Planet Earth,MythBusters, and Deadliest Catch. Discovery’s announced plans for 2008 include a new series with Josh Bernstein, who left History Channel to join Discovery. Other announced series include Fight QuestSmash Lab, and the fourth season of Deadliest Catch.

Discovery Channel is currently the most widely distributed cable network in the United States,[8] reaching more than 92 million households, part of its global audience of 431 million homes in 170 countries and territories.[9] Versions of the channel are seen in Latin America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, India, Malaysia and other countries.[10]                                                                                                                                                                       


Discover the world around you and the universe:

I think we all should become adventures and explore more around us and about the fantastic universe we live in. I know that there are a explorer, inventor or a scientist in every single one of us, we just don’t want to let it out and let it thrive.

“Take action today and learn more, become more and do more” -Unknown

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)









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