#48 Be Grateful for Domestic Cats

#48 Domestic Cats

I am on a roll today I wanted to do another blog before this fantastic day is over 😀

I think we all love animals. Animals our creatures that gives unconditional love to us no matter what. They are always there to make us happy, cuddle us and give love when we need it.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite animal a Cat 🙂 Cats are truly amazing creatures with their own personalities and their own strong mind. They have the power to make you laugh, to scare big animals, to kill unwanted rodents and other amazing things 🙂

I grew up with Cats since I were a child. My grandmother always had Cats and I have always enjoyed watching them interact and being them self. What I really love about them is their independence. They are can take care of them self 🙂

Why should we be grateful for Cats?

  • They are funny.
  • They are cute.
  • They have many great uses.
  • They love you.
  • They make you feel good when you have hard times in your life.
  • They are easily excited.
  • They are cats.

  • They are very flexible.
  • They are very good hunters(most of them:)
  • They have tremendous courage.
  • They are playful.
  • They are relaxed.
  • They know how to spin us around their paws.
  • They climb.
  • They make trouble for us some times.
  • They can like water.
  • They are a companion.
  • They love to cuddle.
  • They are fierce predators.

  • They are LOL Cats.
  • They can be a best friend.
  • They don’t judge you for who you are or how you look.
  • They have paws.
  • They get kittens.
  • They make us laugh 🙂

I think Cats are great entertainers. For myself I could watch cats do stuff all day. They are always up to something funny or exploring something new. I think we all have a lot to learn from Cats. Cats are a great role model. They know when to relax and also when to have sharp focus.

They don’t think if you are ugly or not. The only think a cat judges us on is if we feed them or are kind to them. How about we take some great lessons from that in our continuous word of pre-judging people we don’t even know? I think everyone should be allowed to start at a fair playing ground! Everyone should be of equal value in life.

A person with a disability is nothing less than you and me or a cat. We are all the same. We live on this planet together so why not live here in harmony? 🙂

The history of Cats?

Instead of putting it all in here I thought I’d make it simple for you to go to Wikipedia and learn more about this fantastic creatures.



LOL Cats:

Cats are all around us we need to be more grateful for them and take better care of them. Because no one deserves to not receive love 🙂 Please donate to my local Animal shelter here and give them who have not received gratitude some 🙂 Have fun with your furry friend! He is a whole lot of it!


This is in memory of my great cat Quinney:) I think he is still alive at his new owners in Oslo that I had to leave him with when I moved to Canada. He is probably out in the bush killing everything that is moving 🙂

“All I need to know I learned from my cat.” -Unknown

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)


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