#49 Be Grateful for Hotels

#49 Hotels

What a great night it is today. Sitting at Starbucks and seeing lots of fantastic people working, interacting, laughing and smiling. What a great sight.

I can’t wait to go travelling soon. I have been stuck in Canada now for over 2 years and it is time to be able to move myself over the boarders of Canada. I am waiting for my Permanent Residency and hopefully by the end of November it will be here and I can travel as much as my heart desires.

When I am thinking of Travelling I came to think about the places I have stayed on my trips around in Europe, Africa and North America. And I came to the realization that I have been so fortunate to have stayed in so many great hotels instead of sleeping outside with animals or in the cold.

Hotels are a great way to stay when you are out and travelling. Hotels give you some much relaxation, fun and great foods.

Why should we be grateful for Hotels?

  • They give us ease when we travel.
  • They are convenient.
  • They are so many of them.
  • You are safe in them.
  • They have room service.
  • They can be a romantic retreat.
  • They can be a part of a great adventure.
  • You know that you can go back to your room there when you are exhausted with new exciting experiences.
  • They can be luxurious.
  • Almost anyone can afford to stay at they throughout their travels.
  • They can be beautiful.

  • They can be magic.
  • They can give you memories for life.
  • They can give you funny stories.
  • They are full of interesting people.
  • They are great for travel when you do business.
  • Some of them have great reward programs.
  • Some of them have free internet.
  • Some have free breakfast.
  • It is exciting to get to your hotel the first time 😀
  • People working there make it a great experience.
  • Hotels can have themes.
  • They can be great for kids.
  • They can be for romantic retreats.
  • They can be for jungle explorations.
  • They are in almost any that are mediums size in the world.
  • They can be a trip away from the world of stress.
  • They have Spa’s in them.

  • They have a training studio.
  • They have pools.
  • They have nice beds.
  • They have great views.
  • They help you out if you have locked yourself out of your hotel appartment in the middle of the night with your cellphone in your hand(don’t ask why I had it with me out in the middle of the night 🙂

Unusual hotels

Many hotels can be considered destinations in themselves, by dint of unusual features of the lodging or its immediate environment:

Boutique hotels

Boutique hotels are typically hotels with a unique environment.

Treehouse hotels

Some hotels are built with living trees as structural elements, for example the Costa Rica Tree House in the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica; theTreetops Hotel in Aberdare National ParkKenya; the Ariau Towers near Manaus,Brazil, on the Rio Negro in the Amazon; and Bayram’s Tree Houses in Olympos,Turkey.

Straw Bale Hotels

In Nax Mont-Noble, a little ski resort situated on 1300 metres in the Swiss Alps, construction for the Maya Guesthouse started in October 2011. It will be the first hotel in Europe built entirely with straw bales. Due to the isolation values of the walls it will need no heating[1]


Bunker hotels

The Null Stern Hotel in TeufenAppenzellerlandSwitzerland and the Concrete Mushrooms in Albania[2] are former nuclear bunkers transformed into hotels.

Shoe hotels

Shoe hotels are hotels built into a giant shoe. The idea was inspired by the “Old Woman who lived in a shoe” myth. The largest such hotel is currently in Hokkaido, Japan. The most popular shoe hotels are modelled after a woman’s platformdancing shoe.[citation needed]

Cave hotels

The Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (named after the author) in Guadix, Spain, as well as several hotels inCappadocia, Turkey, are notable for being built into natural cave formations, some with rooms underground. The Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy, South Australia is built into the remains of an opal mine.

Capsule hotels

Interior of a capsule hotel in Osaka, Japan

Capsule hotels are a type of economical hotel that are found in Japan, where people sleep in stacks of rectangular containers.

Ice and snow hotels

Main article: Ice hotel

The Ice Hotel in JukkasjärviSweden, and the Hotel de Glace in Duschenay, Canada, melt every spring and are rebuilt each winter; the Mammut Snow Hotel in Finland is located within the walls of the Kemisnow castle; and the Lainio Snow Hotel is part of a snow village near Ylläs, Finland.

Garden hotels

Garden hotels, famous for their gardens before they became hotels, include Gravetye Manor, the home of garden designer William Robinson, and Cliveden, designed by Charles Barry with a rose garden by Geoffrey Jellicoe.

Underwater hotels

Some hotels have accommodation underwater, such as Utter Inn in Lake Mälaren, Sweden. Hydropolis, project cancelled 2004 in Dubai, would have had suites on the bottom of the Persian Gulf, and Jules Undersea Lodge in Key LargoFlorida requires scuba diving to access its rooms.

[edit]Other unusual hotels

RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, United States

Resort hotels

Principe di PiemonteViareggio (Italy)

Some hotels are built specifically to create a captive trade, example at casinos and holiday resorts. Though of course hotels have always been built in popular destinations, the defining characteristic of a resort hotel is that it exists purely to serve another attraction, the two having the same owners.

In Las Vegas there is a tradition of one-upmanship with luxurious and extravagant hotels in a concentrated area known as the Las Vegas Strip. This trend now has extended to other resorts worldwide, but the concentration in Las Vegas is still the world’s highest: nineteen of the world’s twenty-five largest hotels by room count are on the Strip, with a total of over 67,000 rooms.[3]

In Europe Center Parcs might be considered a chain of resort hotels, since the sites are largely man-made (though set in natural surroundings such as country parks) with captive trade, whereas holiday camps such as Butlins and Pontin’sare probably not considered as resort hotels, since they are set at traditional holiday destinations which existed before the camps.

Railway hotels

Frequently, expanding railway companies built grand hotels at their termini, such as the Midland Hotel, Manchester next to the former Manchester Central Station and in London the ones above St Pancras railway station and Charing Cross railway station also in London is the Chiltern Court Hotel above Baker Street tube station and Canada’s grand railway hotels. They are or were mostly, but not exclusively, used by those travelling by rail.


A motel (motor hotel) is a hotel which is for a short stay, usually for a night, for motorists on long journeys. It has direct access from the room to the vehicle (for example a central parking lot around which the buildings are set), and is built conveniently close to major roads and intersections.

What was your best stay at a hotel?

I want you to really think hard now. We all have bad and good experiences with Hotels. I know that many might remember the bad better than the good ones.

I think you should really think about your very best hotel stay. What was cool, exiting, fun, jaw dropping, adventures or romantic with your stay? Please share that experience and why you are grateful for that moment. Think about how many people never get the experience of staying at a hotel.

I must say for those of us who have been at a hotel Travelling must have been very fortunate. I am very grateful for my fantastic stays in exotic places with exiting adventures. I have two incredible hotel moments that I would like to share so maybe it will be easier for you to think about a great moment in your hotel travels.

A journey in the desert:

Me and my wife Quinn went to Tunisia in 2009. Tunisia is a interesting country with a very different culture from what me and Quinn are used to. We stayed at a all inclusive hotel in Hammamat a port city. Staying in the tourist places is not so much fun I find since all you see is other tourists.

So we decided to go on a two day trip down to the Sahara Desert. I will shorten down the story, but here is what happen. Imagine you are in the middle of nowhere in the Saharan Desert. You are sitting in a pool at a 5 star hotel with a glass of Champagne and are looking at each other with love and desire and you are overlooking a Green Green golf course in the middle of Sand for miles upon miles and you see a magical sunset.

How much better can it be 🙂

A first date:

I just have to tell this one. This is my most magical moment of them all when it comes to hotel Experiences 🙂

It was my first time ever to Canada. My first date ever with a girl outside my own country. It was a 3 weeks date. My first time ever seeing my now wife in real life. So me and Quinn I decided to treat her well so I took her out to a local resort on an Isle here which now unfortunately is closed. We went up there in early May to find out that we are the only ones in the hotel except the staff.

So we go out to to the Restaurant that night and get the meal of a lifetime. Having a chef who has served food to the Crown prince of Norway giving you and your spouse a meal that is the only one he will make that night. WOWOW!! Amazing the waiterer, lighting and the view was unbelieveable!

Blown away and then after that to top it all of! We had a whole PGA certified Golf course to our self  the day after. That is a memory forever 🙂

So love travel and never have a bad hotel experience in your life anymore. Be grateful for that you can stay in a hotel instead of complaining 🙂 Explore the amazing hotels around the world one great at a time 🙂

“I pretend I’m one of the royal family when I’m in a hotel and that the hotel belongs to me – it is a palace.” -Martin Short

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