#53 Be Grateful for People With Courage

#53 People With Courage

Are  you having fun today or are filled with gratitude for getting another day on this beautiful place? I must say I am! 🙂

I am so excited about this blog today since it is for the people I know and people throughout history with incredible courage and persistence to go into the unknown and lead the way for millions of others. Dear to use your inner courage!

Have you ever met anyone who you admire for their courage? Someone who doesn’t let opinions stop him or her and still continue with the knowledge in their mind that they will succeed in what they are up to!

Lets celebrate some amazing people that needs our gratitude to get even further ahead in their research, creations, knowledge and spirit!

Why should we be grateful for people with courage?

  • There would be no cars.
  • We would not have plastic.
  • We would still live as we were 120.000 years ago.
  • We would not have chewing gum.
  • Boats would not exist.
  • We would know nothing about our self.
  • There would be no knowledge.
  • We wouldn’t be able to use parachutes.
  • There would be no democracy.
  • We would not have explored this planet.

  • We would not be able to live in houses.
  • Internet would not exist without them.
  • There would be no friends.
  • We would have no leaders.
  • We would not have been able to travel to the moon.
  • We would no nothing about the planets in our solar system.
  • The starts would just be stars. Not gigantic fusion energy gas suns 🙂
  • We would not be able to predict Tsunamis.
  • We would not continue to evolve.
  • We would not have had Guiness World Records.
  • There would not be paper.
  • We would not have landed a space craft on the planet Mars.
  • We would not be able to send GPS satellites to map the moon.
  • We would not have dynamite.
  • We would not have fiber optics.
  • We would not know how much the human body can take.
  • We would not have harnessed fire.
  • We would not have electricity.
  • We would not have amazing history books.
  • DVD’s would not exist.
  • Neither this computer.

  • We would not have a alphabet.
  • We would not have electrical cars.
  • We would not have been able to harness our natural resources such as oil, gas, silver, gold, wind, sun or other resources.
  • There would not exist businesses.
  • No one would have evolved if no one had the courage to explore.
  • We would not have lasers.
  • We would not be able to spot other planets around other solar systems.
  • We would not have shoes.
  • We would not have been able to make dirty water into clean water.
  • We would not have found all the abundance of species on this planet.
  • We would not have known about each others cultures.
There is so much more to say. Why don’t all of you make your own lists of why we should be grateful for people with courage. I think there are millions of things that would never been here on this planet if we did not have courage. I think that is why when humanity got suppressed for using their true courage in the Barren Ages in Europe that there were very very limited progress in Europe for that time which was over 400 years.

Let us never see anything like that ever again!! It is such a waist of human potential to be conservative and not to dare to do new things in life. I think all of us should at least do something new a minimum of once a month. I suggest at least once a week do something new. Explore your mind, read a new book, try to find some new ideas, explore your back yard, do something you have not done before or just commit to use ones a week for an hour time to start doing these things.

We need courage now more than ever!

In these days with instability in world economies, wars, asteroids that can hit earth, environmental challenges, negativity, need for inventions that can be life changing for our life and natural disasters we need all of us to have courage to take action and participate in the great human mind world wide. We are born to have abundance we need to awaken our incredible and abundant spirit within and share it with the world!

So the question is why don’t you use your give courage to do something great for humanity. Every single one of us have unique talents and things we are good at. Find that thing and explore it find new ways and options in that particular thing.

Become an action taker and lets change the world one courageous thought at the time and lets take humanity to new frontiers in life!

A thank to the histories great and courageous minds!

I want to list some of the people through history that dared to use their given courage to take us to new places that we have never been before 🙂

A thousand Gratitude’s and Thanks to! I have found lists with thousands of courageous people. Click on the links below and find out more about the amazing people that have walked this planet!





On top of all of that you have all of us that monthly or even hopefully weekly use our courage to do or explore something new!

People with courage also inspires and gives other courage. It is like a domino effect when you have a great explorer or someone that discover something new you have hundreds of new courageous people popping up around the world. Especially now with the internet and Youtube Courageous people can easy find inspiration to new ideas, new inventions, new thoughts or new courage to do things they never thought were possible.

So let’s all find our inner courage to explore and become the courageous people who will motivate millions of people after us to reach even further than we did. Humans are made to live in abundance use your abundant mindset and discover amazing new things!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” -Steve Jobs

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)


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