#56 Be Grateful for Fear

#56 Fear

Heeeeeello! Awesome day today isn’t it?

I am so grateful for being alive today and be able to do so many great things and meet so many great people every single day! Today it feels almost like spring here in Manitoba. The snow is melting and the sun is shining 😀

I wanted to talk about one of the great things that we should be really grateful for having. Many of you might disagree, but I will promise every single one of you should be grateful for this thing, because if not you would might have been dead in worst case 🙂

So today I wanted to talk about how we need to be grateful for fear and why fear is so important in our life!

So why should we be grateful for fear?

  • It saves us from accidents.
  • It gives us excitement when we can overcome it.
  • It is amazing to have fear.
  • Fear is there to help us.
  • Fear is fun to play with.
  • Fear is a part of us that will never disappear.
  • Fear makes us proud when we overcome it.
  • It saves us from eating bad things.

  • Fear is easy to get rid of.
  • Fear helps us react when we need to.
  • Fear is amazing.
  • Fear comes in a lot of different ways.
  • Fear can sometimes educate us.
  • Fear is love.
  • Fear is words.
  • Fear is love.

There are so much to be grateful for fear about. It it were not for fear I would never have been able to break free from addictions to pain and self worth. I love fear. Fear is actually fun when it comes to you 🙂 When fear arrives I love to take on the challenge to overcome that fear and feel amazing after it is done.

Overcoming fear can be almost like getting an adrenaline injection into your body. The excitement level after overcoming one is tremendous and you almost get addicted to overcoming fears.

People that says I am not afraid for anything might be lying in most cases, since fear is always a part of us. But the great thing about fear is that you can see that it is there, but you can say to yourself that OK I see my fear is building up, but I will take action anyway. Just acknowledge that fear is there and then take action. Don’t wait for fear to go away it will never happen.

The longer you wait to do something the more fear you will get and the less or no action will happen as a cause. So when fear strikes! Take action and embrace it for being there. That way you will give love to your fear, but say I will do it anyway 🙂

So what is really fear. Here is an exert from Wikipedia that will give you some great insights about fear 😀


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses, see Fear (disambiguation).

A scared child shows fear in an uncertainenvironment.

Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it (also known as the fight-or-flight response) but in extreme cases of fear (terror) a freeze or paralysis response is possible. Some psychologists such as John B. WatsonRobert Plutchik, andPaul Ekman have suggested that fear belongs to a small set of basic or innate emotions. This set also includes such emotions as joy,sadness, and anger. Fear should be distinguished from the related emotional state of anxiety, which typically occurs without any certain or immediate external threat. Additionally, fear is frequently related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.[1] It is worth noting that fear almost always relates to future events, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable. Fear can also be an instant reaction to something presently happening.

Fear of the unknown According to Larry D. Burton’s article, fear of the unknown may be the demon that seeks to divert scholarly efforts. Attempting something new is inherently risky and therefore a potential source of stress and fear.[2] Trying something new may result of high expectations from others or even having high hopes. For those who expect others to have high expectations may pressure the person and feel FEARED because of their high hopes they are expecting from them.[3]

Common fears

According to surveys, some of the most common fears are of ghosts, the existence of evil powers, cockroaches,spiderssnakesheightswaterenclosed spacestunnelsbridgesneedlessocial rejectionfailureexaminations andpublic speaking. In an innovative test of what people fear the most, Bill Tancer analyzed the most frequent online search queries that involved the phrase, “fear of…”. This follows the assumption that people tend to seek information on the issues that concern them the most. His top ten list of fears consisted of flyingheightsclownsintimacydeath,rejectionpeoplesnakessuccess, and driving.[4]

One of the common fear can be the fear of public speaking. People may be expertised speakers inside a room but when it becomes public speaking, fear enters in the form of suspicion that whether the words uttered are correct or wrong because there are many to judge it. Another common fear can be of pain, or of someone damaging a person. Fear of pain in a plausible situation brings flinching, or cringing.

In a 2005 Gallup poll (U.S.A.), a national sample of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 15 were asked what they feared the most. The question was open ended and participants were able to say whatever they wanted. The most frequently cited fear (mentioned by 8% of the teens) was terrorism. The top ten fears were, in order: terrorist attacks,spidersdeathbeing a failurewarheightscriminal or gang violencebeing alone, the future, and nuclear war.[5]

Awareness of fear leads to success and fulfillment in life

So now you know what fear is. So take action today on something that you have been fearful about. Say to yourself “OK, I feel my fear for “IT”, but I will not let it affect me and I will take action now!!” Do that and you will have fun for the rest of your life playing around wit fear 😀

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.” -Buddha

John Thore Stub Sneisen (c)


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