#68 Be Grateful for Mosquito nets

#68 Mosquito nets

Hello friends,

What a awesome day today. Cloudy and cold. One of my favorites since my body is not the biggest fan of the 33C+ that we have had here in Manitoba lately.

I have had an awesome week filled with magical weather and I were able to go golfing last week. I simply love golf! Golf helps you refocus and relax. It is a great game since it is a game where you play against yourself first of all 🙂

About today’s topic. I came to thing about it last Friday since we had some mosquito bugging us when we were sitting outside. When we went inside we still had windows and door open, but no mosquitoes 😀 Awesome. Why because all of our windows and doors are covered with mosquito nets 🙂

What is great about that is that you can have the fresh fantastic air from outdoors, but still not be bugged by flies and other insects 🙂

So why should we be grateful for Mosquito nets?

  • They let fresh air in.
  • The let you enjoy the weather outside while keeping insects outside.
  • They can help you cool down your house when it is hot outside.
  • They are made to cover anything so you can enjoy nature to the fullest.
  • You can have doors open at nighttime.
  • You can make food inside without having bugs bothering you.
  • They prevent illnesses in many countries.
  • They save life’s.
  • They make our day easier.
  • They can protect you when you are fishing.
  • They help you enjoy nature.
  • They let you prevent insect bites.
  • They come in many shapes or forms.

Mosquito nets were a great invention since we humans are not the best friend with those little bloodsuckers. We were able to walk outside and even fish in Mosquito infested swamps. It has given us a lot of joy and we should be very grateful for having it.

Well especially if you live in an area that usually have a lot of Mosquito’s or bugs around. They are perfect and fit on your doors, windows, on your gazebo, or your head or around where you are sleeping if you sleep outside. They are perfect.

So next time the mosquito’s or other bugs are not bothering you  because of it. Show some great gratitude to this fantastic innovation.

“Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference has never tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in the room.” -Christine Todd Whitman

Talking about mosquito’s and how they bother us. Here is probably one invention that will be greater that the mosquito net 😀

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)

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