#71 Be Grateful for Alternative Education

#71 Alternative Education


It’s a hot one today! Only 34C here. At least we got the wind 😀

Sorry, but I have been a little busy the last couple of weeks with business and haven’t had the time to squeeze in a blog post, but finally today I have found a little bit of time to write.

Today I wanted to talk to you more about something most people take for granted. Education is probably forgotten how important it is to us on daily bases.

Education is very diverse. All from College and High school, University to nontraditional education you would not find in todays education system.

I must say the last 9 yeas of my life I have truly fallen in love with what I believe is very important education you need to have to survive and thrive in this world today. I would say it could be called a nontraditional education which contains some very important content that are missing in some of today’s school system education.

Who are the four?

Personal Development, Technology, Science and education about what money is.

We need to know this to to really understand our fellow human beings and our current world.

Why so important?

Well let me give you a couple of words and see if you know them 🙂

Higgs Bozon, Quantitative Easing, NLP, Communication Style, Vibration, Twitter Feed, Monetary System, US Federal Bonds, 10000 hours mastery, Monetary M3 Supply, LIBOR, Syndicate Mortgage, Law of Attraction, The law of giving and receiving, Quantum Physics and Nano Technology.

Well if you know some of this you are well on your way to understand and thrive in this beautiful world we were born into.

If you don’t know them and want an explanation of them feel free to comment underneath and I’ll answer them all 🙂

So why should we be grateful for Alternative Education?

  • It is fun.
  • It helps you become better at interacting with other people.
  • It gives you belief.
  • It helps you understand the big picture.
  • It helps you become happy NOW.

  • It is not boring to learn about.
  • It gives you knowledge a lot of people don’t have access to.
  • It gives you anything you might want.
  • It helps you achieve goals.
  • It helps you learn important things for you to not have fear.
  • It is important to add you your career.
  • You will learn about why things are like they are today.
  • You will be grateful for life.
  • You will enjoy life and how our world is today.
  • You will know secrets most people never get to know about.

There are so many things you learn by what I called alternative education that you won’t learn through traditional schools. Don’t get me wrong I love traditional education it is a great way to learn people about trades and about history and other interesting topics, but they don’t cover the basic 4 strong needs in today’s society.

If you have the chance you should get to learn more about alternative to the traditional school system. It opens your eyes and opens your mind to new and great possibilities.

I never learned about how important gratitude is to human enrichment and enjoyment of our life, but I later learned through private courses and personal development how important it is to all of us.

We need more gratitude and education about everything around us and how it works. That is why I have committed my life to serve as a teacher on these four subjects and help others get excited and involved in the world around us.

Remember as long as you made the world around you that you were born into a happier and better place by the time you leave this planet that is all you should ask of yourself or people around you.

Lets share these four important teachings and you will become grateful for life like never before!!

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore do not use compulsion, but let early education be rather a sort of amusement; this will better enable you to find out the natural bent of the child.”  -Plato

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)


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