#79 Be Grateful for Sofas

#79 Sofas

Hi everyone,
Today it is yet another fantastic day on planet earth. How has your day been? I really love to enjoy my life to the fullest. It is fun to be happy and content. Life is full of challenges, but if you grab life by the steering wheel and take charge of the direction you want to go it may turn out to be a life full of excitement and greatness.

So since life is full of exciting things what should we be grateful for? I am right now sitting on a thing almost everyone have in their home and totally forget how awesome it is to have. A Sofa is an amazing thing that gives you a lot of great experiences.

What is your favorite moment in a sofa? A lot of fun things happen in a sofa. You get your first kiss, you see a fantastic movie, maybe you shared the win of your favorite sports team with your family in it.

Sofas gives us amazing memories that can last for a lifetime, yet they are never remembered! It is time to change it!

So why should we be grateful for Sofas?

  • They come in any size.
  • They have different colors.
  • They are comfy.
  • They make you relax.
  • They exist in almost any home.
  • They are exciting.
  • They are for families to hang out in.
  • You can have your friends over.
  • You can sleep in them.

  • You can watch exciting movies in them.
  • You can cuddle with your spouse in them.
  • You can watch your favorite team in sports win a game in one.
  • You can have a romantic meal in them.
  • You can laugh in them.
  • You can smile in them.
  • You can watch the Olympics in one of them.
  • You can stay inside and sit in one of them through a snow storm and play cards.
  • You can play games with friends or family in one.
  • You can sit in one and look the love of your life deep into their eyes.
  • You can watch a sunset from one.
  • You can get new knowledge when you sit in one.

Sofas are the place where a lot of fun and life changing moments happen. I think it’s about time to give the sofa the gratitude and love it deserves 🙂 So next time you get home give your sofa your full attention. It needs more gratitude and good thoughts. We need to think about why have a sofa in our house? I bought it to relax in it and watch great movies with my wife in it.

I look forward to spend time hanging out with my best friend and wife when I get home. And my sofa is the favorite place 🙂

What is your favorite thing to do when you are home and in your sofa? Let me know 🙂

I am very grateful for having a sofa since I didn’t have a sofa for the longest period of time. It really made my life fun since I love to watch documentaries and programs about life, the universe and nature. Lets give us the sofa the acknowledgement it deserves and tell it how fantastic it is 🙂

“I would rather lie on a sofa than sweep beneath it” -Shirley Conran

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)


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