#83 Be Grateful for Immigrants coming to our country

#83 Immigrants coming to our country

Hello everyone!!

What a great day today! First day not in the minus 🙂 It feels good. Woke up today with gratitude for being able to immigrate to Canada and live with my beautiful wife. I am thinking what if I or her never would be able to have immigrated to the countries we lived in.

Without the possibility to be an immigrant into a country think about how the world would be today if that option did not exist. I most say I’ve been very lucky with my life to be able to immigrate into Canada and live with my wife.


There is a lot of people who look at coming to your country as a big opportunity to get out of poverty and start their own business and thrive. I think we need to learn from our wonderful immigrants that comes into our country every day. They are not afraid and are looking for any way they can get started and thrive in your country!

So why should we be grateful for Immigrants?

  • They create economic growth.
  • They help a society become multicultural.
  • They bring action with them.
  • They are friends.
  • They can become family.
  • They smile.
  • They love to learn.

norwegian immigrants

  • They start businesses.
  • They are not afraid.
  • They come here to make their kids life better.
  • They are a part of your community.
  • They teach us about other countries and cultures.
  • They have different beliefs.
  • They come from India, Norway, Germany, Russia, Pakistan, Somalia, Philippines, Australia, USA, Brazil, Greece and many other great countries.
  • They have lots of questions.
  • They are co-workers.
  • They take good care of their family.
  • They come here to get security.
  • They can teach us why we should not get involved in warfare.
  • They see opportunities.
  • They are not afraid to work.
  • They bring their family to live with them.
  • They are amazing!!

Canada mosaic

Immigrants are simply awesome. Many of them come here and are highly educated, but since their education don’t count in the country they come to they are forced to re-school and take low paying jobs.

I have learned firsthand how that works since I am a recent immigrant myself. When you find that out you very much become an opportunist. You look for ways to help make you survive and get the money needed. You might have an amazing spouse that supports you during the first years of struggle like I were lucky to have. My wife is truly amazing!!!!

So net time you see an immigrant or meet one at a bus stop, coffee shop, a party or work with one of us. Ask how is it to live here and ask them about their home country. The more you know about our world the better informed you are and the less judgmental you become.


Remember that they might look different, speak a different language or have different beliefs, but they are still a part of the human race living on planet earth together with you! We are all immigrants far far back in the history of our ancestors 🙂

“We should embrace our immigrant roots and recognize that newcomers to our land are not part of the problem, they are part of the solution.” -Roger Mahony

John Thore Stub Sneisen(c)


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